Most people think valuable art are very expensive, but in reality it is not so. There are some arts that are worthless and harmful sold for a high price. But, there some arts that are not selling which have more value. After all, it is unthinkable that works can be popular or unpopular and the popular works are not always as valuable as the art itself. Popularity is inflamed by mob psychology. And even if itfs popular they are worthless. For example, even books that are lined up in this case inside a bookstore. Even if its harmful they sell. But valuable, helpful, gives high morale /virtue, peace and happiness books are not popular and donft usually sell. Eventually, real art is not an issue of popularity, this is the true issue which must be considered.

This is not the case in practice by many peopleand valuable artbut I think that the work is sold at a higher price. Even if harmful some even sell at high pricesbut also totally worthless. However, there are works that does not sell at all, works with a very high value. Do not sell or sell that is, a popular work, but it is not necessarily the work of high artistic value is not necessarily just a matter of whether or not popular. In many cases, those that popularity is a matter of whether they ride well in herd mentality simply, if there is also a work of no value at all even popular, works worth very high even in the absence of popular is there. Even in the case of the book that is arranged in a bookstore, or a harmful, this worthless, but sold well, for example, there is a most valuable, this is beneficial to increase the virtue, it is to bring about the peace and happiness of true in many cases, there is no popular selling slowly. You must keep in mind that true art is not so popular in the business.

Many people, people who sell really expensive items as art think they are successful. However, this is not reality. Even expensive items that are selling. Even of its popularity many are not successful. But, once in awhile even if they donft sell any items as art there are many successful people. For example, even when Vincent Van Gogh was alive he could not sell even one item. Therefore, as art people who are a successful at art what kind of people are they? That because, even if they donft sell even one item, beauty, essence, pleasure, happiness, peace, eternal life that persons items even if its not art as art they are very successful. What is/Maybe, that person get for free makes an offer for free to other people. That person is successful as an artist, this happens professional or amateur doesnft matter. Even professionals as artists including unsuccessful people, even amateurs who are artist there are many successful people.

There are most talented as an artist, a lot of people, people who work has been sold at the highest price, which I think people who are successful. But this is not the case in practice. Human work is the highest selling, even if there is popular, has failed as an artist is there are a lot of. However, there are many people who work in the days of their life, even if one does not sell well, have been successful as an artist. For example, you can focus on the point in life of Van Gogh painting that did not sell a single piece. That I wonder if people what the people who have been successful as an artist, work, even if not sold even one, and joy is the essence of beauty, and happiness, it is peace, brought to life eternal, he that in human work, but it's not to sell even if one has produced such works, is you're successful as an artist. Perhaps, provided free of charge to other people work, that person that person may have been other people happy is to have success as an artist. Whether the artist has succeeded When this happens, either professional or amateur, is no less relevant. Some people have failed as an artist than a professional, someone who has been successful as an artist than an amateur is there are a lot of.

A lot of people, I think that the purpose of the artist become famous, get a high position, received many awards, selling the work at high prices, and they can earn a lot of money, the purpose of the true artist it is not. The value of art is in the money, that's what is immeasurable. Because some people are not worth very little money, but some people are happy enough with bare minimum. However, human beings in order to be happy it is not necessarily in other words if they have a lot of money. So, because people seek fame and money, act to lower the head and fawn take a pleasant in Tachifurumai to be top student in the world of art, subservient, sycophantic, suck up, flattery, artists self-proclaim errors in the work also, in order to try to create a work like taking a pleasant public and jury, is just routing it from the essence of beauty, buyers dealers and art dealer, and other art dealers, the more work selling higher deemed worthwhile, but otherwise it is not to be noticed. It is also understandable that because you are taking a life is a business they also moderator, way to look like that. However, a true artist is not affected by that kind of thinking.

The many factors increase the false sense of the true value of art are herd mentality and prejudices. Japanese view a famous artist are also the work of amateur some are not worth at all even in the works of the writer in fact famous but tend to think the work of the famous writer is worth the work of artists is not well-known that there is no value is particularly strong. There is also a very valuable work. Without being influenced without being affected by prejudice and fame, whether or herd mentality, people who recognize the value of true art is needed to be judged by pure eyes and mind. What was described by critics and famous art, famous artist there is, great this is, and they are expensive, and I do not feel beautiful, too little, even if they did not understand its value, that person is not necessarily , does not mean you do not have talent, but this does not mean that you do not have an eye for art. I might not have an eye for art and my preferences is to just simply different. To the contrary, famous artist and famous art critic taking no notice, admit to all value, even those that are negative, as long as the feeling of joy and happiness is true for some people it is the most valuable work for that person. In other words, the value of art has not been established, taste is free and it's something that is different from person to person.

However, you must also keep in mind that the originator of the art and beauty are values of the true God. The true God, allows up to a certain limit that will give you different human individuality, freedom of a taste. But beyond a certain limit of personality and preferences, God would not allow however. It is necessary to determine for human beings, based on the principles of God, which they should keep in mind, the taste and personality where its due. But beyond the limits of this God, rather than the beauty, but it is not the will became true art. Finally, how to believe in God varies from person to person.

Without being misled by prejudice and mob psychology, rather than taking the pleasantness of people to determine the law of aesthetic essence, there is no ingenious sex imitation is, true artist and the essence of beauty so, continue to be points to a truth, hope, joy, happiness, peace, true world, the universe, life, social, of eternal life. In conclusion, I believe in what's to be a truly valuable work of art. And my entity theory and my work group of my art are intended to be illustrated by the previous description.