A Picture music is painting to be likened to music by the combination of molding and color, it is an abstract painting, but has the musical elements in particular based on aesthetic purely to color in Picture Music in modeling and, there is a law some degree, there is also a surface that cannot be explained by words, but there are parts that can be explained. However, it is neither the rule nor is it absolute.

For example, harmony, balance, proportion, subject, rhythm, emphasis and contrast, the added element of beauty to the color and shape, there is something that makes you feel for each. Such thing as a circle or sphere, if you feel peace, harmony, happiness and joy the end not even start even without make you feel the eternal and, there, the circle is a circle of two-dimensional sphere is three-dimensional is a circle. Sphere and circle, exhibit that feeling of fluidity and freedom, feel the love and kindness, it seems feminine. Those against it, angular and square is masculine, there is a sense of stability, I feel the strength and the masculinity.

In addition, a triangle is a form of sharp sense of stability and robust sensitivity, there is a case to be able to feel the strong sharpness, makes you feel what pierces our hearts. It is shaped like a pipe associated with such as wires and gas pipes and water pipes, there is the case that is to, make you feel the consolidated material or supply to deliver something. Fine lines such as fingerprint will feel the vibration waves and radio waves all types of flow and feeling of a dense passion and vitality are hidden within the universe. Shaped like a gear reminiscent of those hard-working active and active. Cylinders will be those like or growing towards the future feeling the hope.

There is a feeling of some different roles for each color also. Red, lets you feel the passion and love. Blue, feels calm, intelligent and reasonable. Green brings a healing and refreshing mind. Yellow feels like hope and light. Purple oozes with mysterious mood. Pink, letfs you feel the dreams and romance. Brown and Gray bring on many Japanese preference, apology, rust and bitterness. Black feels the solemn and calm with the depth and darkness. White feels the pure whiteness, the cleanliness and justice.

These things are in the description law but it does not mean that itfs absolutely. How to feel and how to catch the color and shape may vary depending on the person, if there are people who have different perception that are different, if so thatfs good. In order for people with taste and personality, with different perceptions and how the feeling is different, it is possible that there is a change in life, to something fun and happiness in the world. It is a picture music art, that of modeling on that by utilizing freely enough the law of all these, to perform a representation of the beauty of the highest degree and this color is likened to picture music.