To order: Please send us an order by fax or mail letter.
 To purchase: Please transfer to our bank account.
 You will pay by a lump-sum payment for all the coins,stamps and
 replica painting and it is possible
 to pay by 20 times for handwriting painting.However,we ask
 for the lump-sum payment for replica from the foreign countries.
 We will send the form of the purchases contract in the case of
 the installment plan.Please attach the copy of your identification
 card,and send it back to us.
 To ship: Shipping fee will collect on delivery.
 Paintings purchased form abroad will not.include frame.
 Painting puchased in Japan will include frame.All the replica is signed
 with an autograph.

foreign money 

City Bank multi money account 96948493


TEL 042-723-3403


八千代銀行 町田支店 普通預金 0797314 金子治男

郵便口座 記号10080 番号51297231 金子治男

TEL 042-723-3403

this place a manner postal 194-0013

Haruo Kaneko

1-20-13 haramachida machida-shi, TOKYO JAPAN
TEL&FAX  81-042-723-3403