What Is Art? The purpose of art ---

According to the dictionary art it is defined as the creative activity of beauty. You must be a creative rather than imitative arts, and not must be beautiful, and if so. What about beauty In either is the purpose of art. I can say things that bring joy and happiness, it shall or makes you feel. It can be said and if so, that there is a closely related to the purpose of life The purpose of art. The purpose of art to the world is peace, it can be said to pursue the truth universe, life, and social, that it is that leads to happiness in the sense of essential people.

 Because it is creative, I hope things in the natural ones by the hand of man also, you want to produce that does not want to imitate also nothing, and unique creative as much as possible, the new art is art. I do not seek to deny the Graphic painting to replicate natural to say so. So we want to continue research on that surface. However, since there is no imitation of a more creative abstract painting, it can be said to be the areas of fun for me. I think so I would like working on a study of abstract painting primarily.

Some people look at abstract painting, you cage Some people questioned the neck to say do not know the meaning, but you have to know that it is intended to feels the beauty and not for the purpose of art is seen necessarily. I can say that abstract painting is like music to the surface. Available to you a number of people who are happy enough to get a sense the beauty of the sound even if you do not know any music. But because you are not sure of the meaning to be a abstract painting Unfortunately, not a few people who do not try to Kanjitoro its beauty. It is said many people and in order to understand when it comes to figurative painting, mimetic for what could and still life person and scenery, such as already exists is included. But art is a creation, not as imitation in the dictionary. I hope you and want you to take in the beauty of pure modeling on color and so without knowing the meaning.

There is also a meaningless other than to pursue the only molding beauty of pure abstract painting. But there is also the thing with the deep meaning. So I decided to in order not to become over abstract painting is "do not know", is explained in the text the meaning and intention and motive of production in every single piece. I think it is a poem of one to work, the text and may be considered as the work the pair text and painting.

I think I would like to work on developing a new painting to evolve without mimetic as much as possible as an artist, to study more deeply about the painting ingenious, to explore, to sophisticated, does not exist in the past. And I hope to draw a work, such as building a happiness in the sense essential to world peace.

I think I do not regret that you spend time with the feeling like making the expensive jewelry there is only one in the world, We will try our best, and respecting the quality than quantity, I would like to strive to draw a painting that is truly worth.

I believe it to be a version of music represented by the color of abstract painting to draw their own. Because that, I called the picture of music that style of painting techniques and unique devised my. I think it's using the color and line and form a so-called picture musician, I would like to continue our efforts in creating a more advanced work beautifully newer.